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I specialize in:

  • Web Site Design and Development from design to completion
  • MVC web site / web application development utilizing tgsf
  • SEO - Optimize your site layout and code for optimal search engine placement
  • WordPress widgets, plugins and themes.
  • Open source and public APIs such as Open Realty®, Etsy API and more!
  • Enhance existing PHP code to re-factor, debug, add features, or rewrite.

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Please see my BRAND NEW PHP script for sale - tgwsContactForm!

What's New! 05/13/2010

  • I dusted off 4 year old code, refactored it, rewrote many parts and am proud to release a new script...
  • tgwsContactForm is a highly flexible contact form script with built-in validation and reCAPTCHA integration
  • It is easily integrated into any existing design and does not force any particular html structure to your form.


  • For over a year I've been working on a new application framework.
  • Mentioned below is tgCMS built on CodeIgniter, but tgsf replaces that and continues to grow with an admin panel built in that is easily extended via the plugin api
  • It is named tgsf, is the result of a lot of frustration with CodeIgniter, and attempts to address some major core problems I have with CI. You can download here
  • I've recently worked with WordPress a lot and am continually impressed by the flexibility of that software
  • I've also been working in Movable Type and am impressed at the power that it has


  • I've recently been working on a new product that will be available only to clients. It utilizes the robust CodeIgniter framework and is used as a professional building block for new websites. At its core is a CMS. The name of this product is tgCMS and at this point is still under development but will soon be released.
  • I recently completed a large (multi month long dev cycle) hospital management web based application for a client also using CodeIgniter framework. I've learned a lot along the way about CodeIgniter and will be writing an article or two in the near future about some clever libraries I wrote for it.

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